Struck by an idea, I decided to work on a new project. No time to come up with names, or polish anything, I rushed to bring this idea to life. With a little bit of magic and a bit of genius, I quickly laid the foundation for this idea to grow on.

And this is what you are seeing now.  This is the 0.0.1 version of my creation. I will keep updating it, adding content and evolving it, join me on this journey solve the ever evolving mystery.

Currently as it is being very early in development I will be bringing all the updates to be fully playable in the browser. If you figured out everything there is to figure out right now, try coming back in a day or two, there should be more.

Progression: If you currently can't find a way to progress any further, if nothing seems to work, nothing gets you anything done, it might be that there currently is no more content.

This project currently does not have a name of its own, so lets leave it at Project name TBA.

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log

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