V0.5 LIVE!

New version! AGAIN!

Made some new changes, decided that while I am learning I'll make my games playable in browser only, because that way people can play them fast and easy without no downloads, installs or any other kind of hassle. Also wrote a change log for the first time in my life, and I love it! I wanna make more of them, gonna have to update my games more often, and release more of them.

Change log:

* Fixed pause menu bug where restart used to restart the level but not unpause it.

* Added text that lets you know you can pause.

* Added mute button since I didn't work on the music all that much to make it super enjoyable.

* Made score text bigger

* Optimized for playing in the browser, no more quit buttons that didn't work in browser.


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Mar 22, 2018

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